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    How Much to Pay for Bail Bonds

    When your bail is set, jail bonds can be a great way to avoid paying the full amount yourself. You can pay a percentage of the amount by using bail bonds, via a bail bondsman who will take care of paying the full amount. What does this mean for you, though? How much should you be paying?

    At first glance it seems that there may be some competition in rates for bail bondsmen. That’s not true, however, since all agencies are required by law to use the same percentages. If anyone is hinting that they offer the lowest rates, steer clear . . . it’s likely not the only thing they lie about. Instead, stick with an honest bail bonds agency.

    You should be paying 10% of the complete bail if you are up on state charges. For federal cases, the amount is 15%. Immigrants may find themselves in a tricky situation since they are usually considered high risk for running and special permits are required. These bail bond amounts may go up to 20%.

    It’s not a good idea to go with a company that engages in false advertising. That’s a warning sign to stay away and opt for someone who acknowledges the correct rates. Make sure that the agency you select is one that you can deal with for the next few months if necessary. It can take some time for the court dates to come around and during that time, you will usually need to stay in touch with the bail bondsman. Bail bonds aren’t just a leave it and done deal, the agency needs to ensure that you are not going to skip out on your jail bonds, costing them money. Find a good, reliable service and you shouldn’t have any issues going forward.

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