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What is a bail bond and how to use?

Bail Bonds – A bail bond is the type of warranty bond made up by the court with the company terms and conditions through the bail bond agent for secure them company from any defendant for the use of Bail Bonds in Miami.

Now two types of Bail bonds are here:-  Most of the cases in Miami the two types of Bail Bond are genraly used one is Criminal Bail Bond and another one is Civil Bail Bond. Those bail bonds posted by the agent into the court as an appeal for the use of pre-trial release for their client.

Criminal Bail Bond – The criminal bail bonds used in criminal cases for taken guarantees, fines, penalties that are decided by the court. If someone individual charged by the felony of taken any type of gurantee, fines or penalities by the law of Miami so on that time the bail bond agent post the criminal bond in the court for the pre-trial release of their client with some cash and monetary decided by the court.

Civil Bail Bond – The Civil Bail Bond used in the civil cases like debts, interest, costs and retrieved against the defendant. This is also used as an appeal into the court for pr-trial release by the bail bond agent in Miami.

How to use Bail Bonds in Miami

Whenever the judge sets the bail amount against the defendant so, the defendant needs to pay the amount own or with the help of bail bond agent. Bail Bond Agent made up the bail bond document by the court. Normally, defendant pay to the bail bond agent for post the bail bond fees 10% of the bail amount.  The Bail Bond agent secures the rest of the bail amount in the form of collateral. If the defendant didn’t have sufficient amount for the collateral, the bail bond agent looking the defendant friends and relatives assist to covering the bail.

Normally, the Bail Bonds in miami defendant needs to cash amount with full collateral for posted the bail. If the defendant didn’t appear in the court for some uncertainty so the bail bond agent forfeited and bail bond agent required to pay the remaining 90% fees to the court against the defendant. And also bail bond agent will use the defendant’s collateral such as the house, jewelry etc. And Defendant appears in the court so the bail bond is dissolved and collateral is returned to the person who posted. And defendant pays the bail bond agent 10% fees for posting the bail bond.

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