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Bail Bonds: Miami Offenders Find Freedom in Bonds

Being arrested is a very stressful event and posting bail can be difficult, particularly if it is set higher than you can comfortably pay. With bail bonds, Miami offenders can get out of jail quickly and without having to pay huge quantities of money. The bail bond process usually takes less time than it would for you to organize friends or family to raise the bail money, so it’s a good alternative to borrowing.

While you can discuss the bail bond process with your bail bonds Miami agency, the basic procedure for posting bail is fairly simple.

First, you have to contact the bail bondsman who will come and do an interview to see if you are a good candidate for bonds. If you have a history of bolting, don’t expect too much. However, if you are a fairly reliable person, they should accept you. You’ll need to pay 10-15% of the bail as the fee, depending on what type of case yours is, federal or state.

After this, you will need to have collateral in case you do take off. This could be a house, land, etc. If you don’t have anything of value yourself, a friend may be willing to put up collateral. This will need to be worked out earlier so you can move through the bail bond process faster. This is why it’s a good idea to choose a bail bonds Miami agency that has been around for a while, as well.

Once you’ve signed the paperwork, the bondsman will go about posting bail and you’ll be free to go once it has gone through. How long this takes will depend on the situation.

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