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Bail can get you to release from jail

Knowing bail

If the court deems the accused individual to be a flight risk that means they are unlikely to return to court on their own, bail comes to the scene. Bail ensures that the defendant who pays does it work will come to court on all of their court hearings. Not everyone is capable of paying the required money, bail keeps them in jail until their case is finished or the bail is paid.

The judge determines the amount of bail money and it depends on various factors that may include

  • the alleged charges
  • prior criminal records like arrests and convictions
  • and whether the defendant has missed any previous court dates

How does it work?

After being arrested a suspect is booked or processed in jail and booking involves the followings:

  • Taking personal information about the suspect
  • Recording information about the crime
  • Taking the suspect’s fingerprints
  • The suspect will be searched and placed a holding cell

If the reason behind the arrest is a minor offense, the suspect may be released by simply signing a document that ensures his or her appearance in court, this is often known as his own recognizance release. But, if severe crime is involved then a written promise is not sufficient, bail is required and you need to know the detailed Bail Bond Information Miami.

The judge plays an important role

During a bail hearing the judge decides whether the suspect deserves a bail or not and if yes then how much bail should be paid and that depends on the followings:

  • the severity of the crime
  • the defendant’s prior criminal records,
  • suspect’s tie with the community
  • Whether the accused individual has the financial resources as well as the ability to flee from the area if released from jail custody

An individual who has no criminal history, have a good job and family in the community charged lower bail amount than an individual who committed the same crime but has an extensive criminal record as well as no family and stable job.

Knowing bail bond

In many cases, the suspect is not able financially for posting the required bail and they need to obtain a bail bond in order to satisfy the requirement. A bail bond can be considered as a written guarantee ensuring the defendant’s appearance in court or if in case, he or she fails to appear then the bail amount will be paid to the court. Bail Bond Information Miami can help you with more details.

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