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Do you know how a bail bond can help your case?

Why and what

Bail can be considered as a financial agreement that helps a defendant to avoid jail custody during the legal trials. Miami Dade Bail Bonds agencies arrange release from jail in exchange for money or collateral that may include cash, assets or a bond and usually, the court decides the monetary value of the bail. It is the responsibility of a bail bond agency to ensure that the defendant arrives in court on the day of his or her trial.

The bail bond is useful especially for someone who is not able to pay the full bail amount and it also ensures the quick release of an accused despite the fact that neither the defendant nor his or her friends, relatives or loved ones are able to afford the cost of bail.

Bail agent

Usually, a bail agent also known as bail bondsman charges about 10% of the amount of money that is required to pay the bail and that is not refundable. The agent takes out a security against the defendant’s assets for covering the cost of the bail. If in case the defendant is not able to provide enough assets then the bail agent can take out securities against individuals who wish to assist like relatives and friends.

When your friend or close one got arrested, you will probably require the service of a bail bondsman from Miami Dade Bail Bonds agencies who pledges money and ensures the defendant’s release from the jail as well as the appearance in court on the designated date on behalf of the defendant.

The basic process

When you are accused of any crime and put into the jail, you have the option to contact a bail bondsman who will document the case. The bail agent needs to obtain information such as the defendant’s employment status and where he or she lives for determining whether he will perform his services for the defendant or not.

After signing the bail bond agreement, the bail agent posts the bond where their client is being held and the defendant gets the release. This entire process can take several hours to complete after the defendant has been arrested and booked that includes taking a fingerprint of the defendant as well as checking his or her background.

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