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How Bail Works? It’s Time to Unveil the Fact

Miami Dade Bail BondsWhen a person is detained and taken into custody as well, the court system would set a time and date for a trial. This could be weeks or months away. This could imply sitting behind the bars for the trial. Although the U.S justice system enables some accused to be released just by paying a certain amount of money as a financial assurance to the courts that they would surely show up for their hearings. And this exchange of money is better known as bail.

How Does Bail Work?

There are generally two methods to post bail money. The first method is to pay cash to the court system directly. This implies whatever bail amount is fixed at for the accused is what needs to be paid in full. And the other method to pay for a surety bond. And this is exactly where an accused’s representative goes to the Miami Dade Bail Bonds service provider and pays them some money as a fee and the firm would pay the bail amount. Let you know that this is a way for those people who cannot afford to pay the full amount of bail. Then the bail company is responsible in case the accused doesn’t show up for his/her court appearances and would bring the defendant back to jail. Well, to get a bail, a person would require:

  • The full name of the accused (not a nickname)
  • The jail’s location and its name
  • What the defendant was charged with and the amount of bail
  • The number in which the accused was booked under
  • Collateral or funds to make the payment

When everything is being set up and the bail bondsman is paid, they would head to the jail and then pay for the accused to get out. This could take some time based on what time it actually is and how eventful the jail happens to be.

How much can a bail cost?

Bail is always determined by a number of factors such as the type of offense, the severity of the crime, and criminal history. Each state has a uniformity code, which records certain bail amounts for particular offenses. Keep in mind that age is even an important factor to be considered when it comes to a bail. Juvenile accused are generally on a different bail schedule that ranges from $50 and could go up to 10,000 based on the seriousness of the crime.

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