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Jail custody can make one sick, a bail bond can help you to avoid that

Now, you can lead life in your way and it’s easy to get out of jail. If you maintain your promise for showing up to court when ordered to do so, the court returns your bail, otherwise, it finds himself it can issue an arrest warrant and send you back in jail.

How to post bail?

Followings are some common ways of posting bail:

  • Payment can be done by cash or check
  • You can also sign over the ownership rights to property
  • Another option is to give a bond (that is a promise for paying if you do not appear) in the full amount of your bail
  • You can even sign a statement saying you will appear in court at the required time also known as being released on your own recognizance

Bail bond

A bail bond acts as a check that you give to a friend and ask him or her not to cash it until they get instruction from you. The bond usually costs about 10% of the entire bail amount. If possible, try to avoid purchasing a bail bond, but if you do so then you are already out 10% of your bail amount which is not refundable as well as you need to give the bail agent some collateral for getting the bond. But if you appear at court as scheduled and meet all the requirements, the court will return almost the full bail amount, deducting some administrative fees.The bail bondsman is able to cash in on the collateral if in case you fail to appear in court at required time. Hence, you can comprehend the importance of Bail Bonds Services Miami.

What is Own recognizance

A judge considers various factors before releasing your O.R such as:

  • Close family members in the community
  • Belonging to the for a number of years
  • Have a job in the community
  • No prior criminal records or criminal history including small crimes and misdemeanors
  • A good track record

Note: No one wants to be locked up and staying away from their loved ones when facing criminal charges. A few possible outcomes are there for getting out of jail after an arrest and that depends on whether you have an experienced advocate by your side and bail Bonds Services Miami can definitely helps you with that.

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