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What are Miami Bail Bonds?

As far as the definition is concerned, a miami bail bond is an instrument used to provide surety to the court that a defendant released on bail will appear before the court on the dates issued by the court. However, this is just a one sided definition of bail bonds and highlights only the court’s purpose of approving bail bonds.

Basically, bail bonds are issued by a bail bond agency through a bail bondsman. The main purpose of a bail bond is to provide affordable release from imprisonment. Bail bonds are instrument that are purchased by the defendant from a bail bond agency in case he/ she does not have money to pay the entire bail amount.

The fee of a bail bond is a certain percentage of the amount of the total bail. It is a payment that is foregone by the bail bond agent. A lot many times this amount is 10% of the price of the bail bond. Typically, a court refunds the bail bond money in case the defendant shows up at the date that has been decided and issued by the court. This way a legal paper that is known as a bail bond is purchased from bail bonds agency and give it to the court instead of a bail. This way the bond becomes a financial obligation guaranteeing a person’s future presence at the trail in the court.  A proper definition of bail bond describes them as a power of attorney that has been issued by a surety insurance company that is executed by a licensed agent to give the defendant the ability to walk out of jail and live comfortably until the date of hearing arrives.

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