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Can’t Make Bail? Arizona Bail Bonds Agents Can Help

Need a helping hand to pay off your Arizona bail? We can pay it for you. When it comes to bail, Arizona judges often set it fairly high, making it difficult for arrestees to pay up. That’s where we come in. We offer help in the form of bail bonds. Arizona agencies abound, but we have the experience and offer friendliness that you often won’t find with bondsmen.

There are a few priorities when you find yourself arrested and one of those is to pay your Arizona bail and get home where you can work on sorting everything else out. You’ll have to show up for court dates and unless you can pay your bail, you will end up waiting until then in jail.

Bail Bonds Arizona

Since the bail amount is often too high to pay, let us give you a hand. You’ll pay 10% of the total bail up front if you are up on state charges. For federal cases, the fee is 15%. This is a government mandated amount, so it can’t be changed and no one can charge you more or less. This protects you from potential scams and means that you can choose an agency based on ability, rather than price.

We have plenty of experience in bail bonds, Arizona is just one of the states that we work in and with experience comes the ability to move things along faster. Avoid new agencies which can be difficult to work with since they’re still figuring things out. Instead, let us help you with your bail. Arizona agents are available day and night to answer your questions about bail bonds. Arizona bail can be steep, but give us a call today and find out how we can pay it for you.

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